About Me

Well, hi there! I’m Z.

You must be thinking: “Woah that’s such a cool nickname”…I totally agree.

That’s the first reason why I picked it up; the second one is that my name is Zdravko Cvijetic, which is tough to pronounce (thanks, mom, and dad).

In order, not complicate things, here’s everything you need to know about me.

First of all, I’m a learning addict. I’ve always guided myself with the question:

“If you are not giving your best in this life, which life are you saving it for?”

So that’s why I decided to turn my healthy obsession towards time and learning, into a website. So, here we are.

Also, I’m an educator and an entrepreneur. This lead me on an exciting path, and allowed me to be part of incredible opportunities worldwide, such as: 

  • Working as a Learning Experience Director & Strategy Owner in Mindvalley in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (one of the best companies in Personal growth industry), and working with several New York Times Best-selling authors
  • Gaining a degree in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning at University of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Attending more than 50 conferences and educating 3000 people from 120 countries, ranging from students all the way to CEOs
  • Creating my startup – Youth Consulting, and with my friend and co-founder helping more than 50 organizations train their members to be better leaders
  • Running a consulting company as a manager and working with top international companies (Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Pepsico and much more)

As I said, two things.

Both shaped me and helped me create mediums through which I can help people.

At this point, you are wondering what Zero To Skill is. 

About Zero To Skill

I always thought, that we, a generation of Young Professionals, and Entrepreneurs, always seek competence in ourselves and others. We are trying to understand and control life. We were born with curiosity and hunger, so high that drives us to learn twenty-four hours a day.

We are the innovative people of new age that are trying to get ahead, we love risk and appreciate challenges that are driving us to achieve our goals.

And in order to achieve these goals, we need to learn how to master our time, so you can become a top-performer, by mastering your habits, and productivity, and how to build your personal brand. 

I have three rules for any piece of content I create: 

  1. It has to be applicable
  2. It has to be entertaining
  3. It has to be inspiring (action driven)

Simply put, my job is to make sure that I give you something practical, that I make you laugh every once in a while (by far the hardest one) and to inspire you to take action.

So if you are interested, get your free e-book: “The Ultimate Productivity Cheat Sheat”, and let’s start.

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