A Daily Reminder About Death Will Help You Achieve Goals Faster

But the thing is, you don’t know when.

As I write this, seconds go by, and we have less and less time to go after what we want.

And if this doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will.

Not the death itself, but the idea that all the things you’ve dreamed of accomplishing, and the person you want to become will not be done in time.

Of course, you won’t be able to do all and become everything you ever wanted, but you can sure try.

And no matter where you are right now in your life, you still have a lot more to go.

Life is not short. And every day serves as a new beginning.

I know one thing for sure. Just like me, you have a dream you want to realize.

You might have given it a shot before, or you might have found an excuse to prolong chasing it.
And it’s hard to start. That’s okay.

But do me a favor and imagine something for a moment.

Goal You Failed

Think of every time you failed to accomplish a goal or establish a habit, and it didn’t work.

You stopped. You found excuses and quit. Managed to rationalize it to yourself, but still, you had that feeling of defeat.

How did it feel? And how did that feeling of being disappointed influence every other area of your life?

I know how it usually hits me. Drains me from motivation, pushes me to the other side of the spectrum, complete laziness.

And it takes me several days, even weeks until I give it a go again.


Let’s stop for a moment and go into the opposite direction.

Goal You Accomplished

Try to think if a time where you’ve accomplished a goal you had for a while, or how you managed to establish an important habit or even to eliminate an old one.

I want you to picture it. How you put in the effort, disciplined yourself, sacrificed a lot of things and finally managed to get there. Plus, how much the journey has taught you and how much you’ve grown.

I want you to imagine that feeling? Did it give you a boost to achieve more? How did it affect every other area of your life? How proud were you?

It must have felt amazing.
As you are reading this, you probably have a goal in mind. Something that has been in the back of your head for a long time.

You might have done something about it, or you might have been still because you lack direction.

And I want to tell you, that that feeling of uncertainty is normal. But we usually decide not to take action, because we lack clarity.

Instead of doing that, we should take a step towards something. Whatever positive direction you can think of: Health, Social Relationships, Career or Finance. Just take a step.

With every step you take, you gain more clarity and motivation. So go ahead and take a step.

One more important thing.

People usually scare themselves at the beginning. Because they over emphasize their goal (“Oh I need to lose 10pounds, I can’t do that”).

Your job is to plan for the future, but to focus on the day, that’s ahead of you.

Don’t worry about tomorrow. Don’t even worry about later today.

Just think about the hour that’s in front of you. And do the best you can to get as close as possible to your goal.

That’s it.

No excuses. No postponing.

Just one step. Just one hour.

And trust me, when you approach establishing habits like this and accomplishing your goals, it will go so much easier.

Before you know it, momentum will take over and over the time it will compound itself, that you will be amazed.

Of course, it will be a bumpy ride, sometimes you would want to quit, sometimes you will. But always remind yourself of why you started and go back at it. With full force.

But remember this:

“A year from now you will wish you had started today” – Karen Lamb

So go ahead, live. Take the step. Go after your goal.

And I’ll go after mine.

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Author: Zdravko Cvijetic

Zdravko Cvijetic, the founder of Zero To Skill, creates practical content, ranging from articles, e-guides, and courses, that will help you become a top performer, by gaining clarity on your life path, mastering your habits and becoming 3x more productive. With a degree in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning, he was able to create content that has influenced more than 100.000 people.  

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Learn How-To Triple Your Productivity In The Next 7 Days!