Well, hi there! I’m Z.

You are probably wondering who am I, and what Zero To Skill is, and what can we do for you? 

Well, here’s a brief story. 

I’m an entrepreneur, writer, educator and the author of the #1 viral article in the history of Medium, called “13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful.” 

Over the last seven years, I’ve had an incredible opportunity, to travel 30 countries, educate and train over than 5000 people, ranging from students and entrepreneurs, all the way to CEO of Fortune 500 Companies.

In 2016, I started Zero To Skill, as an EdMedia Company, with the idea to provide practical, entertaining and bite-size content to high-achievers, people that want more from life, and know that they have the control.

I cover keystone skills, such as productivity, habits, accelerated learning, top performance, crafting contagious content and communicating your ideas, building a personal brand, and starting your online business, for high-achievers and people that want more from life, and know that they have the control.

The way I do this, is by researching, studying and experimenting with proven tools and techniques from thought leaders ranging from Ancient Greece to the 21st century. Once I see the result, I adapt them to the modern world and add my methods, which I developed over the last seven years. 

By using these skills, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to generate over 25 million readers, and have my work translated into 19 different languages.

This also got me, and my work featured in more than forty publications, such as Forbes, CNBC, Huffington Post, Inc., Business Insider, New York Observer, Yahoo Finance, Thought Catalog, Quartz, and others. 

95% of the content I create can be found here on Zero To Skill, but the remaining 5% is exclusive for the people in my free private list. 

If you want to connect with me, you can do it via official Zero To Skill Facebook page. 

Or, personally with me through my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Medium, and Quora, profiles. 

I don’t claim to have all the answers, and I still have a lot to learn, but I’m happy to share what I’ve learned along the way. 

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