The Top 20 Best Gifts For Runners

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Looking for the coolest presents to buy for your running pals? Well, we went ahead and asked 20 avid runners to share their opinions on what the best gifts for runners are and here are the products they chose.

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If you have a runner-friend or a relative that enjoys this activity, then you definitely want to give them something related to running. Not having enough money for a decent present isn’t an excuse anymore, there are tons of affordable options to give a runner an amazing gift. These gift ideas don’t have to necessarily be for Christmas, there are tons of occasions throughout the year where these gifts could come in handy. 

Gifts for athletes could be tricky, you might not know their exact size or know if you are buying them something that could be useful to them. However, you don’t necessarily need to know their shoe size in order to shop for them, especially if they are runners. There are far more things than gifting a runner, running shoes. Check out the following list to see the variety of options available to gift people who enjoy running, from marathoners to even those who enjoy a short jog.

Best Gifts For Runners

LED Safety Light

This two-pack set is great for running at night and making sure that runners stay visible. This is a clip-on strobe, and it is great for runners to be spotted at a distance. This design comes in numerous colors, it is battery powered and it is so small that it only weighs 0.2 pounds, which won’t add any additional weight to the runner.

Lifepro 4-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller

Every runner needs a good stretch after a running session, and for that reason, a foam roller is a great gift to have around the house after a long run. Joggers need to stretch their muscles, regain mobility, and cool down the body while it recovers. This vibrating foam roller can provide a deep tissue relief massage for the runners, and help them improve their mobility and flexibility.

GPS Running Watch

Having the top technology to run with, is definitely a must for both hobby and avid runners. This watch is extremely convenient as it is lightweight, it has a display of 128 x 128 pixels with a digital display, it has a built-in GPS to track the runner’s distance, without the need of having a phone connected to it. It can monitor the heart and it allows the runner to control their music directly from their wrist.

Bluetooth Hat

Running is all about mobility and improved performance, for that same reason, what runners wear has to be efficient in order to perform all kinds of activities. This beanie has Bluetooth integrated so that you can hear music right in your ear. This piece is an excellent addition for those who enjoy running in the cold. This hat not only protects the runner from the cold, but also provides them with the ability to listen to music without needing a pair of headphones.

Lace Tag

A very detailed and personalized gift for your runner friends or family. This tag goes on the runner’s shoelace, and it is a charm that can have an inspirational message for that person to carry with them wherever they go running. The material is stainless steel and it is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Hands-Free Dog Leash for Running

Some joggers take the opportunity to go running to also take their dogs with them, the only inconvenience here is that runners need to have both hands available for running and avoiding any accidents and when they hold a leash this prevents them from that. Nevertheless, this gift is great as it is a bungee dog running leash, it is retractable and it goes attached to the waist of the jogger. There is an option to attach more than one leash in case the runner has two dogs, and it is an amazing gadget for the runner to run freely without being pulled by their pets.

Touch Screen Running Gloves

Touch screen running gloves are an amazing gift for your runner friends, especially in the winter, where they might be exposed to low temperatures for a long period of time, and their hands need protection. Unlike regular gloves, these running accessories have the touch screen option, and therefore the runner doesn’t have to take them off to use their phone while outdoor running. The gloves are made of polyester and have silicone palm grips in order to enhance dexterity. 

Runner’s Day-By-Day Log

This is by far one of the best selling journals out there for runners who can record their running time, jot down their miles, and make notes every day of the year that they ran on. In one way it is like a calendar but for runners to log all their running information throughout the year and see all of their advances. The journal includes colorful photographs and inspirational quotes that might motivate the runners on a daily basis.

Vive Foot Rocker

After a running session, athletes need to stretch out every part of their body in order to avoid any injuries or muscle soreness. Something that not a lot of people think about is that runners need to stretch their heels, feet, their ankle wedge, and various parts of the foot. This vive foot rocker is a great gift to give a runner for them to be able to stretch their feet in every direction, improve their flexibility, and get some much needed pain relief. 

Muscle Roller Leg Massager

A gift different from the foam roller is this leg massager for athletes. This roller is meant to be held with the hands and used for deep tissue massages. It can be used to target trigger points, cramps, quads, calf, and hamstring tightness, among other areas. This roller is practical and, toxic-free and made of stainless steel. It measures only 17.4 x 1.9 inches, which is convenient for runners to even travel with it.


An amazing multicolored and illuminated reflective vest for runners. This is a larger size vest, and therefore runners can be spotted at a greater distance. It can change colors from blue, red, pink, green, to even purple, which makes it very eye-catching for the public to see runners from far away. It is lightweight and it offers a 360-degree reflectivity, which is extremely convenient for people to see runners from any angle. 

Headband Ear Warmer

For women runners, it can often be tricky to wear a beanie while running, given that there are some females that have a lot of hair, and a hat can be sometimes be uncomfortable. For that same reason, wearing a headband can be great for keeping the hair out of your face while running however the great aspect of this headband is that it covers the ears as well, which is perfect for the winter. Aside from being a sweatband, it is also an ear warmer, and a ponytail headband. This is a nice and considerate gift for women running, and it comes in numerous colors and it is lightweight to wear.

Pouch Belt

This is an amazing gift for runners, it is a pouch belt that goes around the runner’s waist and it can carry a lot of things without adding too much extra weight to your waist. The pouch is great for being able to run hands-free and carry everything you need. It is comfortable and adjustable to the runner’s waist so that it doesn’t bounce. Runners can fit their phones, snacks, money, car keys, among other things, without having to worry about using their pockets or hands to carry them.

Cooling Towel Workout

Unlike those big towels that people have to carry around in order to cool off and dry of the sweat, this workout towel can fit in a small pouch, and be carried everywhere without it being inconvenient. It can be machine washed and when extended it fits 12 x 40.  It comes in different colors and it is extremely convenient because it is known as an instant cooling tower because it chills instantly. It is soft and lightweight, and it can be used for multi-purpose activities.


Running at night can be tricky, especially if there are some areas that lack illumination. Runners need to know where they are going, and if there is nothing in the way that they can harm themselves with. For that reason, a headlamp is a great gift for those people that run at night. It is waterproof and USB-rechargeable. It is convenient as it wraps around the runner’s head, and allows the hands to be free for movement.


One of the smallest portable speakers you will find out there, and it comes in the shape of a watch for the athletes to carry with them wherever they go. The speaker is waterproof, offers Bluetooth connectivity and it also has a built-in microphone. It is wireless and battery-powered and it is a great gift for runners who enjoy listening to music all day everywhere they go in their runs.

Race Bib and Medal Display

There is nothing better for a marathoner than celebrating their accomplishments. This gift is amazing for them as they can mount on their wall their medal display as well as their race bibs, in order to keep track of all of their accomplishments. This display holds up to 24 medals and 100 race bibs, it is a great gift to demonstrate to the runner in your life that you are proud of their accomplishments.

Running Hydration Belt with Water Bottles

Something extremely important for runners is hydrating themselves after a long run. The only inconvenience with this part is that runners don’t want to carry anything in their hands in order to have more mobility. For that reason, this belt allows runners to carry things with them, aside from two 10oz water bottles. They are placed on the belt of the runner, which allows them to move freely.

Hydration Pack Backpack

Definitely a great gift for runners as this lightweight backpack is designed specifically to carry a bag with water, for the runner to comfortably drink from it from a small tube without having to stop and take the water out of the backpack. The bag fits perfectly, it is adjustable to the shoulder and it is durable and lightweight for runners to jog freely.

Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case

Runners have a hard time putting their phone somewhere that isn’t uncomfortable while running. Here’s a great solution: a water resistant armband! The case fits most phones (check to see the phones it supports before purchasing) and has an elasticized adjustable strap that you can loosen or tighten in a moments notice. It also has the option for you to have access to your touchscreen through the case itself, which makes it very convenient for runners. This arm pouch is the perfect gift for a runner in your life.

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Best Gifts for Runners

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