The 10 Best Meditation Blogs You Should Start Following Today

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Interested in learning more about meditation? Below, you’ll find our curated list of the 10 Best Meditation Blogs that you can start following today.

Meditation isn’t a religious practice. It’s a habit to become more in tune with your awareness and a great habit to practice on an every-day basis.

Another advantage of meditation is the ability to become more mindful and therefore more engaged with the here and now.

People often fail to take time off from their busy schedules to dedicate time to working on their mental health and wellness practices.

Below, you’ll find a list of meditation blogs that might give you that extra push that you’ve been needing when it comes to taking care of your mental health and wellbeing. 

Table of Contents

  1. Best Meditation Blogs
  2. About Meditation
  3. Mindworks
  4. Meditation Now
  5. The Wisdom Blog
  6. Zen Habits
  7. Wildmind Meditation
  8. Tiny Buddha
  9. Transcendental Meditation Blog
  10. The Wheel Blog by Shambhala Publications
  11. Lifestyle Meditation

Best Meditation Blogs

About Meditation Blog

About Meditation

If you are a beginner to meditation, this blog is great for introducing people on how to get started. It addresses tons of questions you might have as a beginner, and it will give you tons of tips and tricks on how to develop a daily meditation practice. This blog’s main purpose is to teach you through meditation how to relax more in your life, stimulate your creativity, and cultivate a mindful way of thinking, all essential to help you grow and improve as a person.



A site on mindfulness meditation, with the best tips and advice from experts. This blog is great as it touches on tons of subjects related to meditation, like how can it change your brain, if meditation can make you happy, how can you practice meditation and tons of other topics. Aside from articles, this site offers meditation courses you could join to take in case you are interested in being guided through your practice.

Meditate Now

Meditation Now

Meditate Now is a great blog to take a minute for yourself and focus on your meditation practice. This blog even has a section where you can take one minute of your time to take a breath, relax and do a small meditation. 


The Wisdom Blog

This blog has tons of interesting content that people interested in meditation might find amusing. The blog has tons of publications on Buddhist authors, and even on the Dalai Lama. The blog touches on a wide range of subjects on Buddhism philosophy, which includes weekly meditation practices you can get access to through here.

Zen Habits

Zen Habits

Zen Habits is about dedicating time to yourself to appreciate what is truly valuable to your life. People live with a busy schedule all the time, and they usually don’t stop to relax. This blog talks about other things you can do, to change your daily habits into more positive ones, including meditation on a daily basis. 

wildmind meditation

Wildmind Meditation

WildMind Blog is about understanding how the mind works and using this to your advantage in order to cultivate mental stillness and deeper awareness. This blog explains how meditation can work in order to achieve this, and it also provides you with guided meditations and excerpts from experts that can help you along the way. 

Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha is about applying a mindful practice in your busy life schedule. In this blog, you will find tons of passages of experiences of how meditation has worked for tons of people. Often reading about mindful and more conscious experiences can motivate you into achieving more for yourself, which is why this personal blog is great. 

Transcendental Meditation Blog

Transcendental Meditation Blog

Transcendental Meditation Blog is known for belonging to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, also known as the spiritual advisor to the Beatles. Maharishi Mahesh is a master of promoting lifelong benefits by including meditation into your life. Learn how to involve this practice in your daily routine, and lower your stress from your modern life.

The Wheel Blog by Shambhala Publications

The Wheel Blog by Shambhala Publications

Shambhala is known as one of the biggest publishers in Buddhist literature, and for this reason, its blog has tons of relevant content you can check out. They provide daily wisdom posts which are great reflections to read on a daily basis, and aside from that, they touch on different ways on how you can achieve a mindful state in your life by including meditation into it.

Lifestyle Meditation

Lifestyle Meditation

Learn from this blog on how meditation is really a lifestyle and how you can use it to help you change things both inside of you and around you. It is a way to improve your life quality by learning to focus more on yourself and your surroundings. The main aspect of this blog is understanding how you can include meditation in your modern schedule in order to achieve health and wellness.

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