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Top 25 Productivity Blogs for 2020

Top 25 Productivity Blogs

Do you ever feel like you get to the end of a day with the creeping feeling that you haven’t achieved as much as you really could have?

Do you regularly feeling disappointed that you haven’t been able to accomplish the work goals that you set yourself at the beginning of the day?

Well, console yourself that you are definitely not the only person to have ever felt like that. 

In recent years, productivity has become a serious buzzword in professional circles.

Surf the web and you’re bound to come across thousands of innovative ideas on how to avoid procrastination and increase you productivity and output. 

Below, you’ll find a list of some of the best productivity blogs on the web.

  1. nTask Blog:
  2. Lifehack:
  3. Lifehacker:
  4. Dumb Little Man:
  5. LiveDev: 
  6. 99U:
  7. The Digital Project Manager:
  8. Keep Productive: 
  9. Barking Up the Wrong Tree: 
  10. MakeUseOf: 
  11. Maria Forleo: 
  12. Get Rich Slowly: 
  13. Michael Hyatt: 
  14. Zen Habits: 
  15. The Muse: 
  16. Tim Ferriss Blog: 
  17. Think Productive Blog: 
  18. The Productivity Pro: 
  19. Laura Ernest: 
  20. The Official Microsoft Blog: 
  21. Buffer: 
  22. Wrike Blog: 
  23. Rescue Time Blog: 
  24. Zen Habits: 
  25. Timeular:

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