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In search for productivity boosters? Check out our curated list of the top Productivity Blogs online.

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Productivity Blogs

Do you ever feel like you get to the end of a day with the creeping feeling that you haven’t achieved as much as you really could have?

Do you regularly feel disappointed that you haven’t been able to accomplish the work goals that you set yourself at the beginning of the day?

Well, console yourself that you are definitely not the only person to have ever felt like that. 

In recent years, productivity has become a serious buzzword in professional circles.

Surf the web and you’re bound to come across thousands of innovative ideas on how to avoid procrastination and increase you productivity and output. 

Table of Contents

  1. Productivity Blogs
  2. nTask Blog
  3. Lifehack
  4. Lifehacker
  5. Dumb Little Man
  6. 99U
  7. The Digital Project Manager
  8. Keep Productive
  9. Barking Up the Wrong Tree
  10. MakeUseOf
  11. Marie Forleo
  12. Get Rich Slowly
  13. Michael Hyatt
  14. Zen Habits Hyatt
  15. The Muse
  16. Tim Ferriss Blog
  17. Think Productive Blog
  18. The Productivity Pro
  19. Laura Ernest
  20. The Official Microsoft Blog
  21. Buffer
  22. Wrike Blog
  23. Rescue Time Blog
  24. Timeular

Productivity Blogs

nTask Blog

nTask is an online collaboration platform that’s built around your needs, and it’s free. Learn how to be the most productive being you can, with the use of these tools.


Life Hacks and tips are filled with hacks you can use in your everyday life. Whether you’d like to make more money or just improve your wellbeing, they have tips for just about everything.


Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Doing Everything Better. Learn here how to be more active and productive on a daily basis.

Dumb Little Man

Check how to transform your life from start to finish with all the tips you can find in this blog. See everything that they have to offer and pick up what suits you best.


99U is Adobe’s career resource and annual conference, helping creatives of all stripes supercharge their work and make their ideas happen

The Digital Project Manager

It’s a streamlined process of managing online projects from concept to completion, within budget and using a certain amount of resources. It involves planning, delegating, tracking, reviewing, and measuring results

Keep Productive

Roam Research is a rapidly growing way to take notes using networked thought, a radically new way to take notes using bi-directional links – Roam is the talking point for the whole productivity industry right now.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Inspired by the book “Barking Up the Wrong Tree”, this blog talks about productivity hacks, and how to improve your life by changing simple steps. This site brings you science-based answers and expert insight on how to be awesome at life.


Learning how to be more productive and more active are just only a couple of tips you will find in this blog. Learn how to make better use of your time, and how to improve your current tasks.

Marie Forleo

Through her blog, Marie Forleo shows you the path to success with her own experiences. Learn first hand from her life experiences and start using these productivity tips in your favor.

Get Rich Slowly

Learn how to manage your money and make yourself productive without wasting your time or your assets.

Michael Hyatt

Get The Quick Win, a weekly leadership lesson from Michael Hyatt through his blog. Learn about everything you need to be doing today to become more productive on your daily routine and start applying these methods today.

Zen Habits Hyatt

Life-changing training programs and life experiences from a more zen-point of view. Stop thinking everything is about stress, and start living your life in a more relaxed manner.

The Muse

The Muse wants to help you build a career you love. Get practical advice on finding a job, exploring different career paths, and succeeding in the job you already have.

Tim Ferriss Blog

His blog about lifestyle is great for those who want to get a hold of their life when you feel that things get out of control. Learn how to be more productive with his advice and make a meaningful change in your life.

Think Productive Blog

Think productive is exactly about changing your way of thinking and turning it into the most productive way that you can. Learn through this blog all it takes to be constructive with your time and your goals.

The Productivity Pro

Award-winning keynote speaker and bestselling author of eight books, Laura Stack is a noted expert in employee and team productivity. She is best known by her team as the “The Productivity Pro”.

Laura Ernest

An expert on productivity, Laura Ernest has been blogging about productivity for as long as she can remember. Knowing she wanted to be successful she knew that she needed to get things done, she experiments through different ways of doing things straight to the point without working more than she had to.

The Official Microsoft Blog

Microsoft’s blog is inspired by new workspaces to boost creativity and motivate people to be more productive. Learn from the top best in what you should be doing to take the most advantageous decisions.


The new Buffer Open blog gives an inside look at work culture at Buffer, covering everything on how to work most effectively and efficiently to all the tips and tricks that they use. to succeed.

Wrike Blog

Wrike likes to think they can transform the way you work, and for that reason, they consider each customer’s needs unique and constantly strive to be the driver of growth for every industry or market we encounter. 

Rescue Time Blog

This blog is about time management strategies and advice to help you rebuild your focus and optimize your time.



Learn through success stories, how to make your time count and how to become the most productive person in the entire world.

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Top 25 Productivity Blogs

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