13 Gifts For Book Lovers That Aren’t Books

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If you think there isn’t much to shop for a book lover, think again. There are tons of great Gifts For Book Lovers that aren’t necessarily books. Check out our curated gift-guide and bookmark this list, no pun intended.

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People often struggle to find a great gift for a book lover aside from the obvious option which would be buying them a book.

The tricky part here is knowing which book they already have and which ones they have read.

Book lovers love to pick their own books and if you are not giving them a gift card for them to buy for themselves, you should consider giving them a gift that supplements their passion for reading.

Therefore, what do you give a bookworm? Fortunately, there are tons of great gifts for book lovers that aren’t just books. The list is endless and it includes pillows, bookends, reading lights for their books, posters and more.

Table of Contents

  1. Gifts For Book Lovers
  2. “I Need More Books” Throw Pillow
  3. British Style Bookends
  4. Book Look-Alike Mouse Pad
  5. Book Page Holder
  6. Lavley Nerd Socks
  7. Book Lover Mug Gift
  8. LED Neck Reading Light
  9. Personal Library Kit
  10. 100 Books Scratch Off Poster
  11. Magnetic Poetry – Book Lover Kit
  12. Wooden Jewelry Box
  13. Fabric Top Coaster Set
  14. Book Design Wood Bathroom Facial Tissue Dispenser

Gifts For Book Lovers

“I Need More Books” Throw Pillow

This thoughtful gift is going to be very appreciated by any book lover. This squared cotton pillowcase has an amazing description written all over it “Books! I Need More books” and it is the perfect complement for a living room, a couch, or even to the bedroom. This thoughtful decoration is made 50% of cotton and 50% polyester.

British Style Bookends

Bookends are always a great gift for book lovers, especially these ones that have the style of a London Telephone Booth. They are decorative, simple, and made of iron metal to maintain a steady organization of your books. This decoration comes in different colors like black, white, red, blue, and it is a great tool to keep books organized for a desk or cabinet.

Book Look-Alike Mouse Pad

This mouse pad looks exactly like a collection of Jane Austen’s 6 most famous novels. This mouse pad has printed the texture of the books and it is a clever and insightful gift to give a book lover. Since the texture of the books is printed on the pad, the image won’t run or fade. The material is just like any other mouse pad, made of black neoprene with a lightweight texture.

Book Page Holder

This is definitively a unique gift. A wooden page holder made of natural walnut, it is not only classy and elegant but it is comfortable to use. It allows the reader to hold two pages open with only one thumb. This is a great reading accessory that any book lover will definitively appreciate. Make sure you consider this Gift For Book Lovers in your shopping list.

Lavley Nerd Socks

This is one of those funny gifts for book lovers. This pair of socks is customized to have a message on the bottom of the feet meant for book aficionados. These socks come in different colors and the catchphrase that they have is “so many books, so little time”, this will definitively make one of the funniest gifts you will give someone. Aside from being funny, they are comfortable and warm to wear.

Book Lover Mug Gift

This is one great present for any person in your life that loves books, especially a librarian, teacher, boss, or even any family member. This mug has printed over it a drawing of books along with the phrase “Yes, I really do need all these books”. This is one thoughtful and funny gift you will be able to give any book lover in your life.

LED Neck Reading Light

This neck reading light is an amazing gadget for any book lover. It has 3 brightness levels to adjust according to preference, and it is made of 2 flexible silicon arms that fit around your neck for comfortable wear. This tool is battery powered and it is a handsfree device which allows you to adjust it enough for it to brighten your book while you use your hands to hold the pages.

Personal Library Kit

One thing that you should know about book lovers, they take very good care of their book collection. Although they have a lot of books and they might find a great joy in sharing their books with their loved ones, they really value their books.

This Gifts For Book Lovers is thoughtful and considerate, it is for the book lovers to be able to lend books without feeling the pain of never getting them back. They can keep track of all the books that they have borrowed, and who has them.

100 Books Scratch Off Poster

One of the best gifts for book lovers and a life-changing one, is this scratch-off poster with the top 100 books of all times. The purpose of this poster is for readers to complete reading this list of 100 books and after finishing one in the list, scratching it off in order to mark it as complete it. The challenge here is to finish scratching them all, meaning that you would have read 100 of the best books out there.

Magnetic Poetry – Book Lover Kit

Another great present for your book lover friends is this magnetic poetry kit. When it comes to words, building phrases, or writing, any lover of literature will surely appreciate this gift. This kit comes with a lot of single words, for people to put together and tap into their creativity and have fun building phrases, poems or even a story.

Wooden Jewelry Box

This wooden jewelry box is carved to look exactly like a book, which makes it a great gift for book lovers. This beautifully cut box makes an ideal jewelry box but it can also be used to store other items. It is a great decoration item and also very beautiful and convenient to use.

Fabric Top Coaster Set

A decorative item for those who love books, this fabric coaster set is made out as if every coaster is one book written by Jane Austen. Given that they are made of fabric, they look very much like a real book. These coasters are 4 x 4 inches squared and they are made of a neoprene fabric which protects your furniture form spilling drinks.

Book Design Wood Bathroom Facial Tissue Dispenser

Although this might come across as a funny Gift For Book Lovers, it is also uniquely designed and perfect for any at-home decoration. This tissue dispenser is clearly designed to look like a pile of books, and it is perfect for any book lover to have in their home.

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13 of the Best Gifts for Book Lovers That Aren't Books

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