How To Love Yourself Again: A Guide To Self-Love

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Sometimes life can get so hard that it puts down all your motivation, self-esteem, confidence and self-love.

You may wake up every day considering yourself a loser, not good enough for anything because of your personal experiences that have changed your vision of yourself.

However, it is important to remember that no matter what failures, what ups and downs, and what tragedies you have faced in your life…

“You can’t find success and happiness without loving yourself.”

Table of Contents

  1. How To Love Yourself Again
  2. What is Self-love?
  3. What things pull-down self-love?
  4. How do people lose love for themselves?
  5. Keys to Love Yourself Again

How To Love Yourself Again

What exactly is self-love and how can you learn to love yourself again? And more importantly, how do you love yourself like your life depends on it ?

Let’s dive into it below.

What is Self-love?

Self-love, in easy words, is love for oneself.

It is the affection, value, acceptance, positivity, and sympathy that we can have towards ourselves.

It is the idea of embracing all of your sides with their lights and shadows.

It is the reflection of what kind of relationship you have with yourself and how positively you accept your body, physique, attitude, status, and character.

Self-love means prioritizing your happiness and peace over everything and not sacrificing your well-being for the sake of others.

It’s about appreciating all that you have and all that is present within you.

This state of appreciation for oneself is basically the key to psychological, physical, and spiritual growth.

What things pull-down self-love?

A myriad of things happen in our daily lives, and they somehow affect our relationship with ourselves, maybe without our consciousness.

It can be your relationship with your family, the relationship between your parents, traumatized childhood, bullying you may have faced, or any negative comments that you may have received. 

However, the real problem starts when we start criticizing ourselves to the extent that we do not accept the opportunities for improvement.

How do people lose love for themselves?

Oftentimes we allow ourselves to feel and experience the following:

  • Putting oneself down
  • Negative thinking
  • Only hearing the negative in things
  • Not accepting good change
  • Always judging oneself negatively 
  • Criticizing own abilities
  • Lack of confidence in oneself

This negative mindset leads to weakening the relationship we have with ourselves. After a while, people start to struggle with their self-worth and settle for less than what they deserve. 

Keys to Love Yourself Again

It is completely fine if you also have lost faith in your capabilities and do not consider yourself good enough; however, it’s never too late to start all over again.

It’s never too late to yourself again so that you can achieve greatness with happiness and self-satisfaction. Some of the key ways that help you love yourself again are;

  • Accept your flaws

No one, no one in this entire world is born flawless. Every person has some flaws within themselves that can be similar or different from other people.

But to love yourself, it is important to accept these flaws and learn from them, considering that humans are susceptible to mistakes.

When you accept the human nature of mistakes, you do not blame yourself for every little thing and give yourself room to look ahead and bring about a good and positive change in yourself.

  • Do not compare yourself to anyone

Comparison with others is the biggest knockdown to self-esteem and can be really harmful to your mental health as well.

If you are always thinking about “how good features or complexion that girl/boy has” or “how well-off they are,” you will never be able to go ahead and achieve big things in life as this comparison will steal your peace of mind and happiness.

You have to understand that you are YOU, and there is no one like you, so you don’t have to be like others as well.

  • Prioritize yourself

Prioritizing oneself is one of the major practices to achieve self-love.

If you will always put yourself last and settle for less, people will never understand and appreciate your worth.

You must know your capabilities and qualities and consider yourself a valuable being so that others can also think of you the same.

Remember, if you do not respect yourself, others won’t either.

  • Take out time for self-care and do what you love

Self-care can be anything from doing what you like, what you love to put on, what you love to eat, and where you love to go.

Taking time for yourself and keeping good care of your sleeping routine, nutritional intake, and skin routine will automatically bring so much positivity and enhance your love for yourself.

  • Do not worry about what others say

Listening to good pieces of advice from other people can be helpful for personality and character-building; however, it is not at all important to be worried about the opinion of others for yourself.

You should not pay attention to what people think about you and what they have to say unless you are wrong. 

  • Appreciate yourself

Self-love is incomplete without the appreciation of oneself. You must know your strong and positive side and be able to appreciate your qualities.

You should remind yourself every day that you have come so far, you are a very strong person, and you deserve every good that exists in this world.

The main purpose is to love yourself like your life depends on it.

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How To Love Yourself Again: A Guide To Self-Love

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