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Hi, I’m Zdravko Cvijetic, but you can call me Z. I’m the founder of Zero to Skill, one of the leading productivity experts and author of the #1 viral article.

Struggling with your habits? It’s not YOU, it’s your STRATEGY

Do you ever wonder how the most successful people get so much done?

When they say, “I’m going to…” lose weight, save more money, quit smoking, etc., you know they are actually going to do it.

But when you set the same goals, you’re not so sure. Maybe you will do it. Maybe not.

Each time you try to start a new habit, or break an existing bad habit, it’s like a yo-yo.

You start, hit a roadblock, lose motivation, then beat yourself up for not following through.

And then you repeat this cycle over and over and over again. It’s frustrating and discouraging.

Worst of all, just like the majority of people out there, you are still trying to change the same area of your life that you wanted to change years ago.

What’s the problem here? Is it you?

Are you incapable of change?

The problem is that you’re using the same failing strategies each time — the strategies that you’ll find most books, blogs, and courses which are supposed to help you change.

I’ve been there. I followed conventional advice and tried to motivate myself into change for 10 years; I tried to “want it more.” But it never worked; and even if it did, it never lasted because there are serious flaws with that approach.

The truth is, you’re more than capable of implementing any habit.

You just need a better strategy for getting things done. A proven system that helps you stick to — and finish — everything you start.

The good news?

The Habit Gym solves all of these problems.

Everything You Need to Upgrade Every Area of Your Life

Over the past 8 years, I’ve re-engineered an approach to managing habits which helped me filter through the millions of possibilities out there, ignore all the distractions, and get started with establishing habits that allow me to achieve my biggest goals in life.

The Habit Gym is the result of my research and testing, a strategy so different from the norm that it will cause a paradigm shift in how you think about changing yourself. The tactics within it are based on cutting-edge neuroscience, and are completely different from traditional advice which has proven to be ineffective.

I’m not just a passionate teacher of this concept, but its first beneficiary. Plus, I will be there with you, all the way.

Joining The Habit Gym will dramatically increase the likelihood of you succeeding in changing your life for the better. By nature, is a simple and straightforward way to keep you accountable, ensure you stay focused while working on forming lasting healthy habits, or learning how to drop unhealthy habits and destructive behavior patterns that are holding you back.

If you do just this, you’ll be 10x ahead of other people who are struggling to make the good habits stick, and who are letting the “bad” habits reduce the quality of their lives.

You will be among a community of high-performers cheering you on as you work on leading a happier, more fulfilling and successful life.

Plus, as a founding member, you will also have the opportunity to shape the direction of our Habit Gym and vote on what content will be delivered next.

Why Am I Doing This?

I honestly WISH I had access to something like this as I worked to achieve my dreams…
I want to give you a peek inside how the world’s most successful people approach habit formation, to increase their daily performance, and achieve success faster.

You see, I grew up in a small town with less than 5000 inhabitants. I didn’t have a lot of opportunities or mentors, other than my parents.

I certainly never had someone who obsessively studied and experimented with habits for 8 years, and used this to transform their life say,

“Hey, let me keep you motivated and on the right track every month. Let me give you the psychological and performance edge, every month, so you can get ahead 10x faster.”

But I want to do that for you, because I’m at the stage now where I just want to pass the knowledge and teach other people the tools I’ve developed over the years.

And I know that The Habit Gym is the best way for you to systematically improve your life, one habit at the time.

Why Should You Focus On One Habit A Month…

Your life today is essentially the sum of your habits. First you create your habits, and then your habits create you.

How in shape or out of shape you are? A result of your habits. How happy or unhappy you are? A result of your habits. How successful or unsuccessful you are? A result of your habits.

Many people, myself included, have multiple areas of life they would like to improve. However, in an attempt to become the ideal version of ourselves, we try to do it all at once, go to the gym every day, eat vegetables, drink less, lose weight, or whatever your version is. We try to change multiple habits at once only to say “to hell with it, this is too hard.”

And this is primarily because we don’t have a system in place, and we think of habits as something we DO, and not something we ARE.

In The Habit Gym, you will learn how to shift your mindset and focus on one habit at the time, to ultimately form the person you want to become.

Plain and simple, this “GYM” will help you transform your habits, and in turn, you can transform your life. Even if you don’t have much time. Even if you aren’t sure how to begin. And even if you have failed in the past.

Instead of focusing on many areas of your life you want to improve, you continue your life as it is, and you choose only one thing each month you want to improve.

Think about what is most important in your life and pick ONE good habit you want to develop (wake up earlier, start eating healthier, save more money, or learn something new) or ONE bad habit you want to remove (eat less junk food, drink less alcohol, quit smoking, watch less TV or spend less time on social media).

The choice is yours!

The best thing is when you succeed in changing one habit, you’ll start to believe that you’re capable of change which will eventually create a ripple in all your other habits, because all habits are interconnected, and they compound themselves.

Plus in The Habit Gym, the goal isn’t just to help you start or stop certain behaviors, its also to maintain the good behaviors, and to make sure that the destructive behaviors you stop doing, remain that way.

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