Discover How-To Do 10x More Work In The Next 7 Days Than You Have Done In The Last Month

Here Are The Four Phases Of Productivity You Will Discover Through This Guide

01 | Setting The Foundation

The first phase is all about the direction in life. I will help you define your biggest goal, what are the high leverage activities you need to execute to make it happen, and what skills you need to learn to make it all easier.

02 | Elimination

In the second phase, you can already start working on your goals, but the priority will be to make sure that you eliminate negative habits and build a simple strategy to overcome procrastination, laziness, and distractions.

03 | Optimization

Almost two-thirds of our lives go on everyday activities such as sleeping, eating (+ grocery shopping & preparing food), cleaning, commuting, here you will discover how to optimize these activities, and regain several hours per week.

04 | Execution

In the final phase, you will learn how to declutter your physical environment, and your TO-DO list, by eliminating and delegating anything that won’t bring you results, and then you will learn how to efficiently, and effectively execute your high leverage activities, and develop a bulletproof focus.

Hi, I’m Zdravko Cvijetic. But you can call me Z.

In 2016, I started Zero To Skill, as an EdMedia company, with the idea to provide practical, entertaining and bite-size content to high-achievers, so they can take control over their time, and use it in any way they see fit.

As a result, over the last year alone, I was lucky to have over 30 million readers, as well as have my work translated into 24 languages, and the honor to be featured in prominent media publications such as:

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Here’s What People Who Have Tried My Productivity Cheat Sheet Have To Say

“I’ve been getting up at 6 am as of 1st of January, without breaking the habit, and following morning/evening routines after implementing your awesome systems. It made me more productive towards my personal goals in just two weeks, than I was in the last six months.”

Christina Pashialis

Digital Marketing Manager

“My productivity increased by 300% (from working 4-5 hours per day to 12h without even being tired in the evening). I feel much better and sleep only 6 hours, down from 9 hours. Your stuff really does work!”

Nemanja Mirkovich

Entrepreneur and SEO consultant

“Your tools have helped me a lot. Finally, I have clear goals, and I know exactly what needs to be done to achieve them. Plus, through your guidance, I’ve implemented habits that I need, and I know how to prioritize them. Not only that, I’ve developed a habit of waking up early, which made me productive throughout the day. I would recommend this e-guide to anyone who feels “lost,” or has time-management problems!”

Ivana Babich

Administrator EU funds, AIDOS

Discover How-To Do 10x More Work In The Next 7 Days Than You Have Done In The Last Month