6 Simple Team Building Activities That You Can Get Started With Today

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Often when employees hear the term “team building activities” they might think of rolling your eyes and trying to find all sorts of excuse to avoid being a part of it.

Nevertheless, the following six simple team building activities are far from being boring or tedious. They are designed for the sole purpose of improving the environment of your office and boosting the overall morale.

Employees shouldn’t lack enthusiasm whenever they think of team building activities, on the contrary, people should be excited about the upcoming results that might turn out from this.

There are numerous team building activities that employees can enjoy and participate in, and for that reason team leaders or bosses should focus on making the team building activities clear, concise, short, and enjoyable. 

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What is the purpose of team building activities?

Team building activities aren’t just meant to bring people closer and interact with one another as co-workers, they are meant to motivate the staff, to build a strong team that helps each other and collaborates as a whole in order to ensure that the work doesn’t just flow, but it always delivers the best from the best.

Team building exercises are great for spotting strengths and weaknesses in a team, and therefore assess them and help people to improve them.

It is not a chance to segregate people and to judge employees, team building activities are meant to bring everyone together and to strengthen them all at once.

Building a strong team is the base of a solid foundation, in order for a company or business to work, their team needs to work correctly in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

For this same reason, team building activities are very resourceful for a company to do.

Simple Team Building Activities

There is no reason why team building activities can’t be fun and enjoyable. Even 5 minute team building activities can be pleasing for the leader and the team members.

It is just a matter of finding the right activities to complete in order to include everyone.

Here are some of the best simple team building activities you can practice at your workplace.

1. Story Telling

There is no better experience than having everyone gather together like in a campfire and tell stories.

You can do this activity inside the office or even outside, the important part here is to have everyone talking, sharing experiences, and hearing each other out, this way people can bond and connect with others.

It is a great way for employees to get along, and to get to know each other. Prompt questions that start conversations, like “what has been your best job ever”, “what was your first experience in the office”,etc.

Talk about appropriate subjects and have people share their own stories in order to connect with others.

2. Divide and Conquer

There are even some activities you can do during work. Divide people into teams and have them compete against one another for a prize.

This team activity will make people work together as a group, and along with this collaboration they can find some great experiences.

Have teams compete in activities like, which team sold the most units that day, or maybe which team was able to schedule more meetings, etc. Make the game interactive and work-related.

3. Problem – Solution

Another great activity that offers team collaboration is sitting everyone down together and writing a problem on a whiteboard.

This problem has a solution already, but the intention is to have the teamwork together to come up with one.

In a certain way, leaders could even use riddles to have their employees work together to come up with a solution; the important part here is having everyone talk together, collaborate with one another, and come up with an answer to the problem.

This simple team-building activity is also great for leaders to get an insight on their employees, see which ones are more outspoken, better at making decisions, which one has leadership qualities, or even to see which ones are shy and less cooperative.

4. Trivia

This movie is not really office-related (or it could be), but it is meant for employees to relax, and think of another thing outside of work.

You could devote a certain time for employees to take time off their work in order to do some simple team building activities or even use office parties or events to play a trivia game.

It is fun, it has to do with teamwork, and people have a tendency to bond during these sort of games.

You regularly pick a trivia theme like movies, actors, history, etc, and then you separate people into teams and see which one guesses the correct answers.

Here you have people interact with one another, you have an activity that is not work-related and for this reason, it is more fun to play, and it can be a simple activity that everyone enjoys.

5. Outdoor Activities

Aside from doing simple office activities indoors, there are some easy-games you can do outside.

For instance, some sports, like basketball, baseball, soccer, or even volleyball, have to do with team cooperation.

These games are fun, people already know how to play most of them, and they are something that they can do outside of the office.

It is fun since people pair up in teams, and they all work together in order to win, this builds relationships and helps people get to know each other outside of the office. 

6. Blindfolded

Another great activity is building teams, and one of the members of each team has to be blindfolded.

After this, they are given specific instructions, and the team that doesn’t have the blindfold on has to guide their team member that can’t see using instructions and words.

This activity is easy enough and it is great to give a sense of collaboration and relying on others in order to work. 

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6 Simple Team Building Activities That You Can Get Started With Today

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