Why Practice Makes Perfect When it Comes to Mastering Communication Skills

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Everyone communicates differently. As new relationships and old come in and out of your life, it is important to practice your communication skills to strengthen these relationships.

What is communication?

Communication is simply an exchange of information. However, this exchange can be complex, often involving emotions and tones of voice that can make or break a conversation.

If you are not communicating in a way that is beneficial, tension can rise up within your friends and family and it can be difficult to communicate from there.

You may have a friend who is more reclusive and introverted.

  • How do you communicate with them?
  • How do they communicate with you, and vise versa?
  • What method would be best to communicate with each other, when you are very different?

All of the questions above can be answered by mastering your communication skills and utilizing them in a way that will help improve your friendships and relationships going forward.

Communication skills can always be worked on, and a lot of them come down to being observant and considerate of others.

How To Communicate Better

When it comes to learning how to communicate better, here are some things you’ll want to avoid.

  • Avoid being judgmental of the other person you’re communicating with.
  • Do not avoid their concerns, or give them unsolicited advice.

Instead, listen to what they are saying, and have empathy for them.

  • What are they trying to tell you, and how can your behavior influence their problems?
  • How can their issue be solved?

In other words, make sure you are lending your ear and providing the person with a shoulder to lean on versus pushing them away with negative responses.

Keys to Communication

Likewise, as you learn how to receive communications you will learn how to be better at openly communicating yourself.

The keys to communication are simple: active listening, having an open mind, not being afraid to ask questions, and being clear in what you are trying to communicate.

No matter if you are trying to communicate with a friend, family member or colleague, honing in on your communication skills will always be mutually beneficial.

How To Practice Communication

Communication may seem like something that comes naturally, but somehow as humans we always seem to screw it up.

Don’t worry, there are a few good ways you can practice communication and strengthen your skills.

Write down how you’re feeling and what it is you want to say.

Practice it out loud in front of a mirror, and imagine what you’d like the other person’s response to be.

Do you want them to be an empathetic listener? Bingo. That’s what they want, too.

Remember to always keep an open mind and actively listen.

If you want to talk with your family or your boss, maybe have a friend sit down with you and act it out. This way, you can feel more confident before going in to communicate with that other person. 

As you continue to improve your communication skills, you’ll notice that your social confidence as a whole will improve as well.

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Why Practice Makes Perfect When it Comes to Mastering Communication Skills

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