Top 10 Free Productivity Apps

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Find ways to boost your effectiveness through these Free Productivity Apps available for Android and iOS.

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When you think about productivity apps you might be confused about what these apps can do for you or how they even relate to your everyday life. In general, a productivity app is meant to make your life easier by helping you organize yourself in order to tackle everything that you have to do.

Before picking any of the apps on this list, sit down and think about the áreas that you will like to improve and in which aspects you would like to be more productive. These apps are meant to help you by becoming more organized, eliminate distractions, and boost your efficiency on a daily basis.

Table of Contents

  1. Free Productivity Apps
  2. Lucidchart
  3. Google Calendar
  4. HabitShare
  5. CloudApp
  6. Slack
  7. Todoist
  8. Pocket
  9. Forest
  10. Notion
  11. PomoDoneApp

Free Productivity Apps


Lucidchart’s diagramming tools can help create powerful visuals to improve your organization. Some people are great with visual aids and this app is great to organize every visual document you need. You can create customized templates for your documents, or simply create charts to organize yourself in a more clear manner. Lucidchart is great as you can tag your team members in the same application and you can track their progress.

Google Calendar

Pretty much a calendar but the great advantage of this app is that you can sync all your google information. If you receive an email with a date you need to markdown, the calendar writes it down automatically for you, as well as the ability to share your calendar with people and have them sign meetings with you in your free time.

The purpose of this app is to save you time and to write down everything for you.


Just as it sounds, this app is designed for sharing your habits with your friends and coworkers. As a way to keep you more productive, you are going to want to be sharing your more positive habits in order for people to pick up on them as well. This app is simply great for productivity by having the pressure of hitting your targets constantly.


This app is great for saving time for yourself, as well as your work team to organize. CloudApp’s image annotation features will help you get your point across faster. Don’t bother writing complex emails that people will be bored to read, instead save yourself and others time, and go directly to the point with this app.


Slack is such a great application for teamwork in order to ensure more productivity. This app has everything you need and no distractions in it, as people who join are only there to get directly to the point. You can add reminders everyone can see, comment on other people’s work, or even have private chats with your teammates. It is like a private social network for you and your team. Use this app to communicate more productively. 


It is a task management tool that promises to manage to-do lists into something less complex and turning them into something that you can complete. We usually leave to-do lists in the background and Todoist is great for keeping your tasks always on the surface. It helps you record the most important tasks, and filter the ones that you have to do first to the ones you can finish off later. Regardless, you won’t miss any task completion. 


This app is great for saving things for later on without using them. From websites to contact numbers, this app will save everything that you are interested in, in order for you to not lose it. Lots of creative people are often jumping from one site to another and then they can’t remember which site they found information on. Become more organized and productive with this app, save everything you want to see later in here, and then use your free time more productively by checking all your saves. 


Although this app might have some people questioning how this is related to productivity, it is great for keeping people off their phones. The app will grow a virtual tree for all the time you spend away from your phone, but if you leave the app, the virtual tree dies. When you spend enough time away from your phone and focus on what matters you are more productive and more efficient. If you focus enough on being away from your phone and leave the app running as it grows a virtual tree, you earn real coins and you can contribute to building a real tree.


Notion is known as a long term memory app that helps you store all the information that you need and always keeps a record of it. This is great for when starting a business and you need to keep track of all your information and stop wasting time by looking for “lost documents”. Be more productive by having a dedicatd place designed for work stuff.


Essentially this app is based on the Pomodoro Technique, which involves working for a period of 25 minutes consecutively, then when the timer rings, take a 5-minute break. Continue like this until you reach 4 pomodoros and then you can take a 20-30 min break. What this app does is it starts tracking your time working and it lets you know whenever you need to take a break. These breaks will help your brain to relax and lower their stress levels, as well as helping you become more productive in the time periods where you have to work nonstop.

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