10 Proven Ways to Completely Eliminate Procrastination From Your Life

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Looking to eliminate procrastination and get things done? Don’t miss these tips below.

Procrastination is not something that only students practice to avoid doing their homework or their chores, but also adults usually use it at work and in their daily lives to avoid getting something done.

The downside part of this is that with the use of procrastination, over time people become lazy.

Whether they like it or not, avoiding to do something or putting it off for later makes people more inattentive to what they do, and careless in their activities. 

Thankfully, if your goal is to eliminate procrastination, you can rest assured that overcoming this isn’t nearly as hard as you might think.

It does take work to get things done, but with a little practice you can learn how to be a more responsible person and create a habit out of it.

If you are someone who wishes to eliminate procrastination from your life, check out the following steps and see what works best for you.

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10 Ways to Eliminate Procrastination

1. Get Organized

The first tip to eliminate procrastination starts by becoming a more organized person.

Setting times and dates for when to accomplish something might help you to get it done.

Even if you set up a calendar to mark what you need to do, it might be very beneficial for one to start getting rid of procrastination.

Seeing tasks in a more organized manner might motivate you to get them done.

2. Set Deadlines

As a part of being an organized person, setting deadlines is very important when it comes to achieving a task.

Setting a deadline will help you to not put things until the last minute, but to actually work on them for the times you have scheduled.

For example if you have to hand in something at work in a week, don’t leave things until Sunday night to get everything done, but set yourself an early deadline to get it done, and that way you don’t have to be stressing about throughout the week.

3. Incentivize

Sometimes our lack of motivation is what puts off the work that we have to get done.

In order to find motivation, reward yourself for getting something done. Any kind of incentive that serves as an impulse might be good to get something started. 

4. Break Your Work Into Smaller Pieces

When people ask others how to overcome procrastination, this tip is one of the best ones. 

Whenever people have big projects or something extensive to do, they tend to leave things until the last minute and then work piles up on them.

Breaking your work into smaller steps is usually the best thing to get something done.

Let’s say you are procrastinating on cleaning out your entire home and you are dreading the moment you have to get it all done.

Break this task into small steps, start by cleaning one room per day and that way you won’t feel that the chore is very complicated and extensive.

5. Change Your Environment

Sometimes it isn’t about the task but the place where we have to get it done.

The environment you are in often doesn’t motivate you and that’s why it is a good idea to take a break and move to another spot.

This is exactly why you see a lot of people working at coffee shops, cowork spaces, etc.

The idea of changing the environment that surrounds you often helps you to get more work done.

6. Eliminate Distractions

Distractions are what keeps us off doing our activities; they are the main cause of procrastination.

Whenever you have to get something done, leave your phone aside, or anything that takes your focus away from the main thing, and you will see how easily you can get things done.

If you have to read a book and you have been postponing it, take the book into a comfortable environment and leave the phone or any other distraction in a separate room.

Set your focus on the one thing you need to get done and you will see how you will get stuff accomplished. 

7. Network With People Who Inspire You

We all have that one friend who is the biggest distraction of all, the one who tells you nothing will happen if you don’t get your task done.

This is someone that you might want to stay away from. We are not telling you to cut ties with your closest friends, but to see who inspires you and who is constantly motivating you to be more responsible.

Surrounding yourself with those people will definitely help you to overcome laziness when it comes to getting something done.

Also, we all know that communication is key. Having a friend to talk to and bounce ideas off is sometimes the difference between starting and stalling on a project or business idea.

8. Ask For Help

There is nothing shameful about asking for help and admitting sometimes it is difficult to get something done by ourselves.

Not asking for help often delays the process that you need to get something done, and on occasions you might not even be able to do it yourself.

If you are thinking about getting something fixed at home, don’t put it off for another day and simply call a technician to get it done for you on the exact same day.

Asking for help might actually help you get more things done. 

9. Just Do It

We spend more time thinking on how to do something rather than doing the task itself.

You just need to get a grip and get started without overthinking things.

An important part of eliminating procrastination is to not leave things for later and instead getting started on them as soon as you can.

10. Prioritize Your Tasks

When writing them all down in your calendar, set the ones that need to get done more urgently in red. Establish which ones have more priority and get those done first.

Don’t waste your time working on something that is not urgent because at the end you will still have to get everything done but this will only delay your goals

The moral of the story is to stop procrastinating on what you can get done today.

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