Digital Marketing 101: Everything You Need To Know Before You Get Started

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Learn how to dominate the online world with this guide on Digital Marketing.

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Table of Contents

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. What is digital marketing all about?
  3. Why is digital marketing strategy important? 
  4. Why is digital marketing better than traditional marketing?
  5. What type of digital marketing should you be creating for your business?
  6. How long will it take to see results through digital marketing?
  7. Types of Digital Marketing
  8. Can digital marketing enhance the value of products?
  9. Already convinced, but don’t know where to start?

Digital Marketing

Often, the hardest part of building a business is finding the right way to promote it and educating people about your business in order to continue growing it.

In order to reach your target audience, you need the right advertising in the right places.

Times have changed nowadays and the world revolves around technology. Everywhere you go you will see people with phones in their hands using this device to make their lives easier. Many are also working remotely and making money from their devices as well.

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Understanding that technology is all around and that businesses have been adapting slowly into the online world is essential in order for your business to grow as well.

The accessibility that the internet provides to people is what makes people comfortable in continuing to use it. From ordering food to shopping online, the virtual world has now opened the doors to a new market. 

Marketing has always been about connecting with your audience at the right time and place.

However, Digital Marketing today has only branched out the possibilities that one has to interact with their audience, and instead of finding the right place, now companies just have to keep track of where they are. 

What is digital marketing all about?

Digital marketing integrates all marketing efforts that use electronic devices or the internet to spread information.

Unlike regular marketing, digital marketing has a wider reach given that all of its content is posted online. 

Why is digital marketing strategy important?

Understanding that the world today works through the internet is important in order to adapt your business to the current situation.

Given that everyone or almost everyone in the world uses the internet, transforming your marketing to fit a digital platform is important in order to grow.

Understanding that you need a platform to spread your content through is extremely important to grow your company and feel a larger target audience. 

Why is digital marketing better than traditional marketing?

While traditional marketing still exists in the physical form of prints, banners, newspapers, and magazines, transforming marketing into the digital era is also a great point of growth for businesses.

Switching to a digital marketing strategy is not only a way to survive in this modern and technological world, but it is also a way to branch out the possibilities of how you can be communicating to your audience.

Instead of a physical banner you can try audio, video, interactive websites, and social media in order to expand your range.

In a way, digital marketing is said to be better than traditional marketing because people have now switched to a digital platform and this is how they receive all their information and how they even make purchases. 

What type of digital marketing should you be creating for your business?

You can never go wrong with creating content as a way of advertising. However, it is important to consider who your audience is and how you want to reach them through digital marketing.

Let’s say your audience is teenagers, you might want to create content based on images or videos, given that kids today are very perceptual to visual aids.

Also thinking of the platform that you are going to be using can determine the type of visual marketing you want to use. It can vary from using Facebook to LinkedIn, to Instagram, because the platform will also determine your audience. 

How long will it take to see results through digital marketing?

Often less time than you expect. Seeing results in digital platforms can be faster than one might think, and it also helps that you can see directly through different platforms how certain content was perceived.

For example, when posting something on Instagram you are able to view if there were any likes or comments to the product, you can see the engagement your posts are receiving and the reach that your content is getting in the process.

In other cases, like digital marketing campaigns, results might take a little longer, but the great part about digital platforms is that they are very interactive and insightful. 

Types of Digital Marketing

When talking about all the types of digital marketing that you can find, the answers are endless. What you need to understand is what you want to obtain from digital marketing. More followers? More engagement? More impressions?

Here are a few types of digital marketing and a short description of what each one is about. 

  1. Social Media:

Compared to tv channels or even print advertisements, this type of marketing targets different types of social media networks. Make sure that the content that you are producing is spread through these platforms in order to reach more audiences. Some of the most popular social platforms that exist today are the following:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • And many others…
  1. SEO

Also known as Search Engine Optimization. What this method does is create content that people are already searching for. This will make sure that the content that you are using and where you are using it, is optimized from a technical point of view. 

  1. Content Marketing

This one involves producing high quality content to use online. This is either pictures, videos, texts, graphics, or anything that might add value to your company online. Instead of regular broadcasting, this method is more visual for your customer either B2B or B2C.

  1. Display Advertising

Display advertising is what it sounds like, advertising displayed in ways that the audience can observe it. Known also as banners for magazines or traditional prints but instead, this is all done online.

  1. Mobile Marketing

Just like online marketing but targeting your advertising directly to mobile devices. Alter how your content looks according to how people are going to see it and find it through their mobile phones. 

  1. Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, this type of marketing is used through social media platforms, as people called “bloggers” or “influencers” have reached an enormous amount of traffic on their social media pages to the point where they can advertise your products themselves. This is another way people engage in digital marketing. Many digital nomads are making a living as influencers.

  1. Sponsored Content 

With sponsored content, you could easily pay another brand to help you advertise online for you. One great example of sponsored content is influencer marketing, which uses a person’s public image to promote your products. 

Also, another type of sponsored post you could be looking for is advertising your business through an article or blog post.

Can digital marketing enhance the value of products?

Yes it can! The main purpose of digital marketing is to enhance the value of your products by creating great exposure to different audiences.

Aside from only enhancing the value of your products, digital marketing can bring great value to your company.

For instance, it allows you to interact with your customer at an early stage and receive feedback for whatever you might need.

Communicating in real time with your audience is the real value that digital marketing has.

Nowhere else will you receive instant feedback from customers which will help with making important decisions for your company.

Already convinced, but don’t know where to start?

The first part is establishing your target audience and with this, you can take the next step in determining what platform you are going to use to spread your content.

Find whatever budget works for you, low or high, and keep it separate for digital marketing use as it is needed.

The last thing here is asking for help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help from someone who already has experience in this area.

Hiring a digital marketer or a digital marketing agency is often the way to go. Get someone who knows their way around the digital platforms and get them to build a digital marketing plan for your company to get you started.

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