The Top 12 Best Spiritual Books That Will Change Your Life

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Reading any of the Best Spiritual Books will definitively change your life.

Spiritual books will definitely change your life. When you are becoming more and more interested in opening yourself more into spirituality and choosing to change your belief system you can be sure that your love will take a 360-degree turn.

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The science of spirituality claims that there is nothing like living more consciously and in awareness, putting yourself first, and seeing how easily you can manifest the life that you deserve. Books on spirituality are a great way of getting you started, they will show you a deeper meaning of life, and expand your horizons when it comes to spiritual knowledge. 

Spiritual books are not only powerful, but they are also transformative and they can influence the way that you think. In a certain way, some people use them for motivation, as some of these books have changed lives forever.

Aside from taking courses, listening to videos or speakers talk deeply about spirituality, reading Best Spiritual Books on this subject is a great way to grab your attention and to encourage you to learn more. In addition, spirituality is an individual process, it is about one’s transformation, and a book is a great individual tool to get people closer to their path.

In order to deepen your spirituality, or even get you started on the path of enlightenment, these are some of the Best Spiritual Books that you will find.

Table of Contents

  1. Best Spiritual Books
  2. The Art of Happiness: A Handbook For Living
  3. Eat, Pray, Love
  4. The Road Less Traveled
  5. The Power of Now
  6. The Bhagavad Gita 
  7. Letting Go 
  8. Infinite Possibilities
  9. The Untethered Soul 
  10. Metahuman: Unleashing Your Infinite Potential
  11. Untamed 
  12. Here All Along: Finding Meaning, Spirituality, and a Deeper Connection to Life In Judaism
  13. The Alchemist 

Best Spiritual Books

The Art of Happiness: A Handbook For Living

Author: Howard Cutler

Inspired by the life of the Dalai Lama, Howard Cutler writes this book to explain to people the importance of mindfulness and being able to enjoy each day by being present in each moment. It is a guide to connect with yourself in order to find purpose in life and be happy. 

Eat, Pray, Love

Author: Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert is famously known for her spirituality books and people’s connections with themselves. In this book, she writes about the travel adventures of a young woman, who leaves everything of her current life in order to experience a more meaningful life and one that is more dedicated to her inner growth.

This Best Spiritual Book is a great one since it talks about spirituality from a novel’s point of view, instead of informational reading.

The Road Less Traveled

Author: M. Scott Peck

M. Scott Peck is a renowned psychiatrist, who writes this book to talk about the importance of exploring spirituality from three different points of view. The first one talks about the importance of discipline, then one about love and self-growth, and lastly it touches on grace as one of the main points of spirituality, these three together will lead you through a road that is not traveled as often.

The Power of Now

Author: Eckhart Tolle

A great book that speaks highly about the importance of creating positive habits in your life in order to demonstrate self-love. This is one of the Best Spiritual Books that allows the reader to step into the spiritual world, where you will feel that you have a purpose in your life, and you will find happiness and peace in it.

Overall the book is about setting the main purpose for your life, in order to follow it and find more things in your daily routine that motivate you and bring you closer to achieve your goals.

The Bhagavad Gita

Author: Eknath Easwaran

A book developed from the ancient teachings of the Hindu traditions, where the main subject here is spirituality, and living in awareness. This book might be a little tricky for beginners on spirituality, as at first, it won’t make much sense, and for this exact reason, people keep going back to it, because each time they read it they get more and more meaning out of it.

The Bhagavad Gita contains tons of knowledge for finding your path and purpose in life, by doing things today that will help your future self.

Letting Go

Author: Dr. David R. Hawkins

Learning how to let go is an essential part of life and becoming more in tune with your spirituality. Learning that attachments are only an illusion and that the world is all about learning to appreciate things and letting go is essential for growth.

This book touches on great subjects, it is extremely powerful to learn to let go in order to surrender to the process of life, and for your spirit and your soul to be at peace in this world. Learning how to let go will allow you to live a less stressful life, where nothing will affect you on a deeper level as you will only rely on yourself.

Infinite Possibilities

Author: Mike Dooley

Another of the best books when it comes to spirituality. This book helps you learn about the life of attraction, where you can attach to your life whatever you want to achieve from it.

There are tons of ways you can become more in sync with the universe and the divine enlightenment, and this book guides you through infinite possibilities to do so. This book will captivate you like no other, and it will teach you a number of essential life lessons that you will always be able to use. 

The Untethered Soul

Author: Michael A. Singer

If you are someone who might have suffered from anxiety or depression from your modern routine, this book is the right one for you. Understanding our true purpose in life is essential in order to understand what we truly need to become happy.

This is one of the Best Spiritual Books that allows you to hear your inner voice, and how to become more observant of what is good for you and what fills your soul. Spirituality is a big key aspect in this book, as this reading will help you understand what your soul needs in order to feel complete and happy. 

Metahuman: Unleashing Your Infinite Potential

Author: Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Deepak Chopra is known worldwide for being one of the most informed people around the world when it comes to spirituality. So by knowing that he wrote this book you are already getting a headstart as you know that it will be a great one.

Metahuman is about unlocking your best self, and your greatest potential in order to achieve anything you want in life. This book isn’t just a guide in order to become a metahuman, but it also talks about how you can transform your life, step by step by integrating mindfulness thinking every day of your life. 


Author: Glennon Doyle

Through this book, Doyle allows the reader to expand their knowledge and learn more about using intuition and listening to the voice within yourself in order to make the best decisions in your life.

This book helps to empower people to become the best versions of themselves, and to find peace and joy within everything that they do in life. This book is definitely a guide to help people find themselves through this hectic life that we live in, and the only way to do this is by integrating spirituality into everything that you do.

Here All Along: Finding Meaning, Spirituality, and a Deeper Connection to Life In Judaism

Author: Sarah Hurwitz

Sarah Hurwitz talks from her Jewish perception of what she believes spirituality is and finding a connection with your ‘God’ should look like. Although she has her own belief in God by following Judaism, she explains how each person is entitled to have their own beliefs, and all join together by becoming more spiritual beings.

Hurwitz uses this book to guide people to become better human beings, to become more conscious of their lives and their surroundings, as well as looking inside of each one in a more deeply manner in order to find a deeper meaning in life. 

The Alchemist

Author: Paulo Coelho

Spiritual books like the alchemist are great reads to get people started with spirituality and learning a deeper meaning in life. This book is written like a novel that tells a tale of a young boy that has a dream and believes that he needs to fulfill it in order to live his life’s purpose.

It is a reflection of people’s lives, as it talks about tons of important points of self-growth, and the necessary steps that need to be taken in order to fulfill one’s goals. This book is for everyone searching for meaning in life. 

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