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Top 14 Best Plant Based Diet Books

Top 14 Best Plant Based Diet Books

Looking to change up your eating habits? Don’t miss our curated list of the Best Plant Based Diet Books on the marketplace and start living a healthier life today.

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A plant based diet is based on consuming only plant foods like fruits and vegetables, including among these seeds, legumes or even grains. Very much like a vegan diet, this diet excludes all types of animal based foods or products, and also it avoids processed foods in order to maintain a healthier diet.

Mainly, the people that avoid these types of diets do it because they think that it is a boring way of eating and the plant based diets consist of lots of boring salads. This is very wrong, plant based practitioners have already tons of experience cooking numerous dishes so that they make their entire meals very creative and delicious.

A plant based diet can promote animal welfare, as you are staying away from all animal related products, but it can also improve your well-being and your health overall. Therefore make sure that if you want to learn more about new eating trends, you check out these Plant Based Diet Books.

Plant Based Diet Books

The Plant Based Diet for Beginners

Author: Alice Newman

Truly one of the best Plant Based books for beginners. This book will tell you everything you need to know as a beginner in order to get started on a plant based meal plan. In addition, this book talks about all the health benefits of eating a plant based diet and how it can improve your life in a matter of days. The recipes in this book are simply delicious and very easy for any beginner to make.

The Complete Plant Based Cookbook

Author: America’s Test Kitchen

Although plant based diet means different things for each one, the purpose of this book is to explain the numerous benefits that come from integrating a plant based diet in your life. This modern guide helps the reader adapt the plant based diet according to their own needs, given that each person needs different things for their body.

This is why this Plant Based Diet Book is quite popular, because not only does it provide the reader with recipes, but also, it talks about the health of the body, and how each individual should look out for their priorities.

Plants-Only Kitchen

Author: Gaz Oakley

More than a mere guide to plant based eating, this book has over 70+ simple and protein-packed recipes for people that lead a busy life of their own. How often have you seen incredible recipes on the internet and wonder, where do people get enough time to cook in such a creative way and make very delicious meals.

The problem here is lack of knowledge because amazing recipes shouldn’t be limited by a time frame. For that reason, this Plant Based Diet Book is great for plant based lovers, given that the recipes in this book are not only delicious, but they are quick and simple to do.

How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease

Author: Michael Greger M.D.

Through this book Michael Greger M.D. talks about how through scientific studies he has come to conclude that adopting a plant based lifestyle can be quite life changing. Not only will it help you live a healthier life, bur also the author claims that a plant based diet could even reverse chronic diseases.

This Plant Based Diet book is called how not to die given that the author explains that a plant based diet is the cure to a longer life.

Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

Author: T. Colin Campbell

T. Colin Campbell along with T. Colin Campbell explain with the use of evidence how a whole plant based diet is the key to living a healthy life. This reading in the Plant Based Diet Books contains a lot of information that can be super useful for beginners to get an insight on what this diet is about, but also so that they can understand how to incorporate this diet into their life.

The Future of Nutrition

Author: T. Colin Campbell

T. Colin Campbell is definitively a very popular writer, and he is recognized for his great insights when it comes to nutrition. In this case, the book the future of nutrition provides the reader with a glimpse of the importance of eating correctly and eve incorporating a plant based diet in order to lead the healthiest life you possibly can.

This item from the Plant Based Diet Books talks about getting it wrong and then start getting it right as he talks about different cases where nutrition has helped and others where it still needs improvement.

The Plant Based Solution: America’s Healthy Heart Doc’s Plan to Power Your Health

Author: Joel K. Kahn MD

Dr. Joel Kahn a renowned cardiologist talks about the plant-based diet as a solution to heart disease problems and tons of other chronic conditions. This book is a guide to understanding health problems and complications and knowing where they come from, how are they developed, and also how can they be treated by changing to a plant based diet.

Eat for Life

Author: Joel Fuhrman M.D.

This is another great book for understanding how a plant base diet works, how can it benefit your health, how can you lead a nutritional program integrating this bases, but also, this book has tons of information on what recipes you should eat for each body type.

The book provides the readers with menus and different options to get creative when it comes to plant based eating, which is why this is one of the best Plant-Based Diet Books

Fiber Fueled

Author: Will Bulsiewicz 

This book is more like a program for improving your health and losing weight while following a plant based diet. The book talks about the numerous benefits of this diet, and how can someone that knows nothing about nutrition, start to incorporate it into their life.The main aspect of this diet is being able to eliminate anything that is bad for your health in order to balance your hormones, and boost your metabolism. This diet is based on a dietary fiber that comes from plants, in order to improve your health and overall your life.

Plant-Powered Families

Author: Dreena Burton

Are you looking for a way to incorporate better eating habits in your life? Some people often look for ways to change their dietary habits, but they find it complicated to do, whenever their families are all still eating the same.

This book teaches the reader how a plant based diet can be not only for adults, but it can benefit your entire family. A plant based diet isn’t just healthy, but it can actually make delicious meals. This reading from the Plant Based Diet Books list, shares a lot of recipes that are also kid friendly, which will make your transition from regular eating to a plant based diet even easier.

Plant-Based Diet in 30 Minutes

Author: Ally Lazare

Some people might complain about not having enough time to cook a plant based meal. However, this book proves that you can carry out a plant based diet even without a lot of time to spare in your life. This reading from the Plant Based Diet Books list talks about different cooking recipes that you can do under 30 minutes, talk about efficiency!

Alkaline Plant-Based Diet

Author: Aqiyl Aniys

With so many cookbooks out there, it can be refreshing to read a plant-based book that talks about the explanation of why this diet would be important in someone’s life. In addition, the author explains how exactly a plant based diet works in your body, how does it affect your blood, and how can it regulate your pH.

This reading from the Plant Based Diet Books list basically claims why you should change your dietary habits and how can an alkaline plant-based diet change your health and even reverse certain diseases.

Plant Based Beauty

Author: Jess Arnaudin

This book talks about a plant based diet as a new form of self care. Being conscious of what you put in your body is very important and putting only plant based ingredients is a great form to detoxing your body from everything that doesn’t serve it.

Learn through this book how adopting a plant based diet means taking care of your body as a new form of self love.

The Greenprint

Author: Marco Borges

Looking at it from a bigger picture angle, improving your body and your diet is a great way to improve the world. You might think that a plant based diet only benefits you, and only you, but the truth that is explained in this reading from the Plant Based Diet Books list is that you are helping the world by reducing your consumption of animal based meals. Your plant based diet can improve the impact on the planet, and essentially leave a green print.

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Top 14 Best Plant Based Diet Books

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