11 Simple Daily Habits That You Can Incorporate Into Your Life Today

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Creating a daily routine is perhaps the best way to improve your productivity and your overall happiness.

Everyone has certain routines that they perform every day, whether it’s brushing your teeth, taking a shower, or checking your emails.

Why not incorporate a few more activities into your daily schedule that will noticeably improve your quality of life?

Adding new daily habits to your life doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult.

Forcing yourself to run 5 miles per day is probably going to cause you to burn out and drop the habit altogether, whereas you would be much more likely to stick to goals that are a little more reasonable.

Here are 11 painless daily habits that you can incorporate into your life today

Table of Contents

  1. Reading
  2. Meditation
  3. Stretching and Yoga
  4. Stay Hydrated
  5. Practice Mindfulness
  6. Take Breaks
  7. Journaling
  8. Kind Gestures
  9. Never Stop Learning
  10. Listen to Music
  11. Remember That Nobody Is Perfect


Whether it’s the newspaper, a romance novel, a how-to book, or tabloid magazine, reading is a great way to train your mind to focus and be in the moment.

Setting aside time to read allows you to relax and enjoy yourself while still keeping your mind engaged.

It’s no wonder that some of the world’s most successful people say that they read every day. 

Reading is proven to build mental stamina and mindfulness, making for a happier and more productive lifestyle. 


Many people are intimidated to try meditation because they think they will have to sit still for hours on end without thinking or moving.

While this may be how some Buddhist masters practice meditation, for regular people, meditating for just 15 to 20 minutes per day can lead to great improvements in your quality of life.

Clearing your mind through meditation allows you to return to your daily tasks with renewed focus and energy, so that you can be the best version of yourself every day.

Stretching and Yoga

For many people, getting to the gym and following a workout plan can be a daunting task.

Even if exercising is not for you, taking care of your body in some way is crucial for maintaining a focused and happy life.

Doing yoga or even just getting a good stretch in is a great way to keep yourself feeling young and stress-free.

Tightness in the body can lead to tightness of the mind, so to keep yourself feeling free and cheerful, take the time to stretch out your muscles at least once a day.

Stay Hydrated

Studies have shown that a vast majority of people are significantly dehydrated on a regular basis.

The benefits of drinking enough water are numerous, and drinking water is such an easy way to improve your health.

Drinking lots of water is proven to increase mental function and metabolism, and it helps the body burn fat.

Researchers are constantly finding more and more benefits of drinking lots of water, but one thing remains clear: drinking water is a great way to improve your health quickly.

Add some citrus juice, beet juice, or turmeric to your water for even greater health benefits.

Practice Mindfulness

Making a conscious effort to be more mindful of the world around you is an easy way to improve your happiness.

Simply noticing the details of the trees you pass by on your way to work or being conscious of the way the wind feels on your face will lead to improvements in your focusing ability and will allow you to be more thankful for the little things that make life worth living.

Take Breaks

Very few people are capable of going through a full day of work without taking a single break. 

Scheduling breaks into your day is a great way to maintain focus throughout your day and to keep you from feeling burnt out.

Set alarms during your work day that tell you when to stop thinking about work and simply relax.

This way, you can return to your work feeling rejuvenated and ready to do what you set out to do. 


Journaling helps you appreciate the events of every day.

There is very seldom a day that goes by where nothing of any significance happens, and journaling helps you feel appreciative for the little things that feel significant at the time.

Also, converting your thoughts to written words is a great mental exercise that helps improve focus and creativity.

Kind Gestures

Doing kind things for other people helps us feel better about ourselves, and creates a positive environment that everyone can benefit from.

Making a conscious effort to perform at least one act of kindness every day will lead to noticeable improvements in your own happiness as well as the happiness of the benefactors of your kindness.

Not only will you feel better about yourself, but others will begin to enjoy your company more and will reciprocate the kindness that you’ve spread to them. 

Never Stop Learning

Many people believe that the learning portion of life ends when high school or university is over, but continuing education is essential for leading a fruitful life.

Challenge your mind every day to learn something new, even if it is something simple.

It is never too late to learn a new talent such as playing an instrument, painting, or writing poetry.

Listen to Music

Who doesn’t like music? Why not make it a part of your daily routine to listen to some music every day?

Listening to music is something you can do while you are working or exercising that is enjoyable and mind-engaging.

Studies have shown that listening to classical or jazz music can improve focus and memory retention.

However, if you aren’t into these kinds of music, jam out to whatever your favorite music is and keep yourself feeling energized and positive as you go through your day.

Remember That Nobody Is Perfect

Let’s face it, nobody’s perfect. We all have shortcomings that we need to improve upon, and forgiving yourself for these shortcomings is a crucial step on the road to self-improvement.

Rather than going to sleep feeling insufficient, take some time at the end of every day to forgive your shortcomings and focus on all of the parts of yourself that you can feel proud of.

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