The Best Pilates Ring For Sculpting and Toning Your Body

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Pilates is practiced on Pilates machines and on the floor with a mat (think: yoga). We highly recommend incorporating a Pilates ring into your practice if you’re looking to really sculpt and tone your body.

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Incorporating the right equipment into your Pilates regimen will help strengthen your muscles and give you the ability to master higher level movements and poses.

The Pilates ring is by far one of the best tools you can use when practicing Pilates. Not only is it effective but it is small, lightweight and can be carried just about anywhere you go.

Pilates rings have the benefit of adding resistance to the workout and it allows your body to build more strength as you become more conscious of your body and what you need to workout.

Pilates rings can measure from 12″ to 16″ inches in diameter, however, the resistance really doesn’t change much between the sizes. The main goal here is to strengthen your grip whenever you are holding one of these Pilates rings given that you are meant to exert pressure in them and hold it in order to build resistance.

With so many Pilates rings available on the market, it is important to purchase the ones with the best overall reviews in order to avoid buying a cheap pilates ring that will fall apart after a few uses.

Below, you’ll find a list of the top rated Pilates rings on the market as of right now.

Top Rated Pilates Ring

ProBody Pilates Ring

Perfect Pilates ring available in numerous colors according to preference. It has a strong and fit grip and it is amazing to improve your muscle tone through a Pilates practice. Perfect ring for your posture and extremely lightweight to carry around. It comes with a portable pouch for lightweight travel.

Premium Pilates Ring

This premium ring is great not only for dual grip pilates ring exercises, but it is also an ideal tool to strengthen the thighs and the core. In addition, this ring is one of the most recommended ones because of its premium quality, and its easy use. It is also lightweight which makes it great for portable use.

Trideer Pilates Ring

Unlike other regular rings, the Trideer Pilates Ring focuses on home resistance workouts and it is even great for postpartum recovery exercises. The updated grip handles make your Pilates ring workouts easier and easy to hold onto. This ring is ideal for Pilates ring exercises and it is lightweight and great to improve balance, flexibility, and resistance.

Truwells Pilates Ring Muscle Toner

This amazing thigh trainer is great for any Pilates workout, whether that is a class or a home workout. The best part about this product is that it is made up from an unbreakable fiberglass and offers padded handles for for better grip and comfort. This ring comes with a travel bag in order to carry it with you everywhere you want. In addition, this Pilates ring is durable given that it is made up from high quality materials.

Matoygic Pilates Ring

An unconventional Pilates ring, that is great for back and leg pain, and also Pilates workouts. This ring is great to strengthen numerous parts of the body as well as it is small and portable. It only weights 0.44 lbs which makes it great for travel. It is easy to use, not only for Pilates, but also for at home exercise.

Askill Pilates Ring Fitness

This Askill Ring is great for beginners or even advanced Pilates practitioners. The dual grip is especially designed to be extra comfortable for the user’s handle, and in addition it is only 15 inches so that it can be comfortable carried everywhere. This ring is build to last and made from flexible and durable fiber glass in order to become more resistance to workouts.

STOTT PILATES Fitness Circle Pro

This ring can be said to be one of the top products in the Pilates market. Not only is it versatile and portable, the thin steel ring is made comfortably for a better grip, and in addition the foam handles are also made from an environmentally-friendly foam.

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7 Best Rated Pilates Ring

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